Buyer Services

As your Buyer’s Agent I will help you navigate through the home buying process, advising you at every step through your journey. The following is a list of what I provide to you as a Buyer’s Agent:

  1. Provide referrals to experienced lenders who will help ease your purchase of a home.
  2. Answer questions about the process of buying a home, including your loan options, inspections, the purchase and sale agreement, escrow, title insurance, homeowner’s insurance and any other related items.
  3. Listen carefully to your needs and desires for your new home, and then, within your price range and specified areas, identify those properties meeting the criteria.
  4. Make appointments and preview the properties prior to showing them to you.
  5. Make appointments and escort you to see the selected properties.
  6. Gain additional information on particular properties as requested by you.
  7. Provide information on comparable properties in the area.
  8. Advise you on strategies for making an offer, depending on the information available to us about a particular home and market conditions.
  9. Draft the purchase and sale agreement on the property you choose to make an offer on and present the offer to the listing agent or seller. Meet with the seller(s) and the listing agent to negotiate any variables on your behalf as soon as possible, on weekends or evenings if necessary.
  10. When an offer is accepted, attend the inspections with you, see that the paperwork is processed properly and submitted to the necessary parties. I will also provide information to the appraiser, and maintain contact with the listing agent, lender and escrow agent.
  11. I will negotiate any work orders on your behalf, if necessary.
  12. Before closing, I arrange any visits to the house, follow-up on satisfactory completion of work orders, and review the settlement statement for errors.

As your buyer’s agent, I provide all these services to you prior to the closing of your sale. Since I am not compensated for my services until that time, I appreciate your loyalty and commitment, once we begin the process of finding you the right home. I will give your 100% of my commitment until we achieve your goals.

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